A rift between realms has opened, flooding the skies with giant flying beasts. Now, thrust together, these great creatures are locked in an endless war of dominance for the new Empyrean.

Titans of Empyrean is a tactical combat game for 2 players where the goal is to eliminate all of your opponent's titans. Take to the air with one of four groups of mythical beasts: manticores, griffins, pegasi, and dragons. Play maneuver cards to strengthen your titans or weaken your opponent. But play wisely - those maneuver cards are also your life! Choose your faction, select your decks, and face off for supremacy of the skies.

Everything you need in order to play Titans of Empyrean is included in the Print N Play file. Printing the entire file gives you everything 2 players need to play the game. It includes a game board (2 halves), all of the titan tokens, 2 sets of basic maneuvers, 1 set of each of the 4 titan species cards, 1 set of each of the species specific maneuvers.

Titans of Empyrean

Titans of Empyrean
Print N Play



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