If a billion people were spared the horror of the zombie infection, that would still leave 5 billion zombies on the planet.

If only the odds had been that good.

The illness came upon us so quickly. Within a matter of hours, most of the population had died…and been reborn.

The zombies swarmed the cities. They were everywhere. The survivors fought back as best they could against the surging hordes. They took refuge wherever they could, converting churches, police stations, and whatever other buildings they could into strongholds against the waves of undead that sought to consume them. They scavenged the supermarkets and the malls, desperate for whatever they could find. They took what they could carry, leaving the rest to the rats.

Ultimately, heroes surfaced to lead the survivors in their struggles. But their burdens were heavy. Starvation and the dead were not their only enemies.

First came the remnants of the street gangs who thought they could take what they wanted.

Then came the cultists, a group of fanatics who believed that the zombies were meant to dominate the Earth. It was the solemn duty of the cult to aid the zombies in their conquest.

Faced with challenge after challenge, the survivors of the ApocalypZe strived to carve out a small place for themselves. This is their story.

This is your story…


Legions of the undead are at your door, trying to claw their way inside. Starved and alone, you make your stand. Will you survive?

ApocalypZe is a strategic card game that puts you, the player, right into the action of a post apocalyptic world... a world where the undead are the dominant species and the hours of those left behind are numbered. Lead your group of survivors in an ongoing fight against the endless hordes of the undead, ruthless opposing factions, and bitter starvation. Build up your defenses, conserve your resources, and devastate your opponents with bloodthirsty raiders! Do you have what it takes to survive the ApocalypZe?

The box contains:
  1. 304 Playable cards broken up into 4 preconstructed decks plus 64 additional cards for customization
  2. 1 Full Color Rulebook
Show off your game and spread out your cards on this official ApocalypZe playmat featuring artwork by Chris Hanson.

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